Apollo Heat Detectors

The Heat Detectors from Apollo senses the air temperature around the detector. When the temperature treshold is reached, the alarm will be activated.

Each brand from Apollo has different key features, to meet the needs of the user.
The Apollo range of Heat Detectors is divided in the following brands:
  • AlarmSense
  • Discovery
  • Orbis
  • Series 65
  • XP95
  • XPander
  • Soteria

Apollo produces various Heat Detectors. We can supply Apollo Heat Detectors and other Apollo equipment in a short amount of time worldwide.

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Apollo Heat Detectors
Article Code Description
55000-190 AlarmSense Heat Detector
58000-400 Discovery Heat Detector
ORB-HT-11003-APO Orbis Heat Detector
55000-122 Series 65 Heat Detector
55000-400 XP95 Heat Detector
55000-440 XP95 IS Heat Detector
XPA-CB-11170-APO XPander Heat Detector
SA5000-400 SOTERIA Heat Detector